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last posted June 16, 2015, 3:08 p.m.
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I'd love a "fast draft" mode. Instead of clicking "Publish" after each thought (or in my case, pressing Tab-Tab-Tab-Enter, because I'm not a savage), I'd simply press Enter-Enter: closing the paragraph, skipping a line, and starting a new thought.


Yes, we plan to support CNAMEs for ThoughtStreams.


This would really reduce my perceived risk for devoting time to TS. I wonder if there's been any progress?

I don't know why I feel like it's scary or a bad idea, but there's something there. Like, for reflections and one offs, not a big deal. If I wanted to seriously talk about my artistic practice, that feels like something I want some freedom with. (Although, I must admit that lately I sometimes feel like a luddite with this sort of view, especially with the rise of Medium.)


Does ThoughtStreams have a public API? I was on the bus this evening and thought that it'd be convenient to be able to upload media and a quick thought along with it, directly from my device.


I wonder who Eldarion sees as competitors for TS/Teams. I think it's something like Quip. They're not really in the same space, but I think they're trying to solve the same problem: make it easier for teams/companies to write things down and have a conversation.