a micro-blog for every idea

ThoughtStreams is a publishing platform that lets you quickly capture and share thoughts, ideas, experiments and observations.

It’s perfect for thoughts that develop over time or public notes that are more than a tweet and less than a blog post.

People are using ThoughtStreams for all sorts of things:

  • ideas or opinions that would take multiple tweets
  • ongoing product reviews
  • notes while reading a book
  • open source or hobbyist project updates
  • workout journals
  • memories that trigger additional thoughts
  • online course study notes

There’s no restriction on the length of each post and Markdown is fully supported.

At the same time, ThoughtStreams encourages you to post thoughts as you have them without feeling the pressure to fully polish your ideas before sharing them like you would in a blog post.

Thoughts can be reposted between streams (including reposting other people’s thoughts into your own streams) and combined streams can aggregate different people’s thoughts on a topic.