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last posted May 1, 2017, 5:52 p.m.
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I'm just beginning to start on a bit of a journey, a metaphorical one, of course, whereby I learn some basic coding skills.

  • Certainly Python.
  • Probably HTML5.
  • Improved knowledge of XML well-formedness.
  • More practice with Markdown.

Those are the starter goals. I know some about XML already. I regularly open up XML files in notepad++ to give the structure a looksee. I also know some HTML simply from 10 years of blogging...and I've picked up some Markdown just by happenstance.

We'll see where this goes...


And some means of displaying xml data in a useful fashion...


Over the weekend I switched my website writing (writing on websites not writing websites #genitivefail) from Open Live Writer to Typora.

Seems like a positive step toward better use of Markdown.


I'm also experimenting with other Markdown editors. It's a little disappointing that the pickings for Windows are pretty slim.

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