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last posted Oct. 26, 2019, 4:03 p.m.

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Infusions of power/energy/light from above are becoming a multiple-times-per-night occurrence. They have an ordering, calming, healing, enlivening effect, and I’m very grateful. The song going through my head this morning is “Humble King,” especially the line that says “Show me how much you love humility.”

My wife has been wearing earplugs. She has been sleeping better; I can tell I have been disturbing her less. Now there is much more space for deep breathing and soft vocal sighs or tones.

The new insight/guideline this morning is that I can center my attention in my heart when I feel the pressure/resistance in my head. Thus my orientation shifts from the crown pressing downward to the heart pressing outward. Heart accessibility thus becomes the starting point rather than the goal. In order to increase that access I need not press further downward (which is counterproductive anyway because it creates more resistance). Instead, since the radiating energy of my heart is now the starting point, I can retreat into that center in order to relieve the pressure. My heart is then free to explore the contours of its own resistance from within, rather than shirk from the foreboding pressure of an outside piercing light that is persistently knocking at the door and asking to be let inside.

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