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last posted Aug. 23, 2016, 12:22 p.m.
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just ran across the party band Volga-Volga; most of their repertoire is a pastiche of russian pop, but some of it shades into western standards as well, eg:

the lyrics may be Maxime's « Знаешь ли ты », the style balkanized, but the music is clearly a western "classic", or

(a well celebrated "Hava Nagila"), or their punked out extended dance version of "Titanic":

OK, that last was pretty weak. They do much better when covering eastern european party tunes such as "American Boy" ... but that's unlikely to mean much unless one is familiar with both the early 90's original (by a group we've seen here before, Комбинатция) and its various extant pastiches...


« Звери - До скорой встречи » tells a charming story:

(don't know about you all; this tube reminded me of "uptown girl" ... but in comparison, I hope Poe's Law applies to the latter!)


we can't rewind we've gone too far

Interesting contrast between the traditional (set ca. 1979*):

О чем ты думаешь

and the spacy/disco-y setting of what WP says has a decent claim to being the first soviet music video, from the film "Soul", in 1981:

За тех, кто в море

and, hey, as long as we're watching something chock full of mylar, here's something (a bit less retro-cheesy) from Roscosmos about how to recover cosmonauts without a splashdown:

Как готовится посадка спускаемого аппарата

  • the scene (here at 0:36) where the male lead gives the female lead his scarf, is, in the series, followed by her dance troupe colleague's fingering the scarf, finishing with an identification: « Pierre Cardin ! »

...revisiting (in a concert context) various themes we've seen before: whether electrifying folk (or cf also)


or cross dressing, but in the opposite direction as previously:

Самба белого мотылька

or simply (if it's difficult to top songs involving black horses), performing as a duet:

Ой, да не вечер

  • we've also heard another equine song which can be compared with the interpretation by this duet

True, she's no longer an ingénue, but

Натали - Шахерезада

has some fairly disingenuous lyrics: the chorus is

I'm not Sheherazade: my stories aren't told in words; there is no greater treasure than love.

and while we might believe France Gall when she sings on Eurovision that she's a wax doll who has no clue what her lyrics mean, it's a bit more difficult to buy the bimbo impression when —as with a rook who pretends to attack a pawn ... but, should it attempt to move, also menaces the king lined up behind it— the same line that claims illiteracy is making a literary reference.

It's especially difficult upon seeing that both music and lyrics are credited to a certain « Н. Рудина ».