о русской музыки и кино 3

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we can't rewind we've gone too far

Interesting contrast between the traditional (set ca. 1979*):

О чем ты думаешь

and the spacy/disco-y setting of what WP says has a decent claim to being the first soviet music video, from the film "Soul", in 1981:

За тех, кто в море

and, hey, as long as we're watching something chock full of mylar, here's something (a bit less retro-cheesy) from Roscosmos about how to recover cosmonauts without a splashdown:

Как готовится посадка спускаемого аппарата

  • the scene (here at 0:36) where the male lead gives the female lead his scarf, is, in the series, followed by her dance troupe colleague's fingering the scarf, finishing with an identification: « Pierre Cardin ! »

2 earlier thoughts