о русской музыки и кино 10

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last posted Oct. 13, 2017, 11:54 a.m.
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Not one to let Shnur have all the disaster fun, Vorobiev's "I love You" manages to close off the "Crazy" troika with a bang.

For memory, the excellent start:

and somewhat weaker bridge:



... is yet another Revva parody/homage. Thanks to the shoutout changing "Afonya" to "iPhone-ia", I was able to track down the 0riginal scene, ca. 0:23:

In comparison, the parody is a bit more Boogie Nights or Kill Bill than Sweetheart Roller Rink...


Yet more twang,

albeit reminiscent of "norteños y rancheras" in this performance. For those who prefer finger picking arrangements, there's this 1980 interpretation by Bichevskaya:

and the prairie sound (low lonesome?) comes through strong (implying this genre, in Russian, would be both kinds of music: "Country and Eastern"?) even in possibly the earliest interpretation I've found:

Reference to ru.wikipedia.org says the song itself goes back to the late XIX.


continuing the retro quotation habit, compare this camera work (starting at 1:26) from 2016's "The Very Best Day":

with a sequence (from 2:10) in 1964's "I'm Cuba":

(we've also seen both this, and another, Gaynor cover earlier)


In Soviet Russia...

the (fictional) jailhouse concerts seem to have ...differed... from those in The Land of the Free...

but I'm not quite sure what the US song paired to "Magadan" might be (even if the gulls and Pacific are reminiscent of islands in the SF bay):


Any suggestions?