Uber Rides

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last posted Nov. 13, 2014, 9:21 p.m.
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My first Uber ride was after a nights stay in a hospital. My friend and I ordered the ride on his phone. Since it was our first ride, we upgraded to a 'nicer' car. The driver was existing driver-for-hire with what looked like an existing taxi license.

The GPS was rough, our driver ended up pretty far from the hospital pick up area. To be fair, we had no idea which road we were on either so directing them was less than easy.

The ride itself was comfortable, had free water, got home safe. Was a little too worn out to notice anything interesting or exciting.


My third Uber ride was interesting. I had asked the driver how long they had been driving today. I do not mean to pry I am always just curious about their day.

To obfuscate hours: My driver had been driving awhile and was planning on driving for a bit longer that day. I wondered when they were getting time to eat. A few seconds later the driver starts pulling out some snacks.

I could not help but feel like every attempt at opening their snack and every turn of the radio dial was followed by the merging of our car into the lane of oncoming traffic. Granted this was empty road but still very concerning to a nervous passenger (me).

No one was hurt.

Cost: maybe 7 dollars. Rated: 4/5 stars.