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last posted April 17, 2015, 7:48 p.m.

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Work-life balance

Sure, we need to avoid overworking ourselves, burning our motivation down and ending up hating what we (hopefully) once loved to do.

But also, it would be ideal to see work as a part of life. Work, not as a ugly cost we have to pay to get a life, but an important activity that provides us with more than money.

The idea is perhaps utopian and based on a privileged way of life in which, for starters, I get to choose my economic activity. I know that. I'd like all humans to have the same freedom to choose, but that's too big a scope for this note, so I'll focus on our company.

I'd like Matrushkos and anyone who works with us to get more than money. To get their brains teased, a sense of purpose and achievement, fun, friends. And, of course, economic resources to pursue other things that can't be done with an economic goal in mind.

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