The Balance of Power

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last posted Dec. 8, 2015, 3 a.m.

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So, for me personally, "Does it use an open development model?" is an important factor to be considered, but it's still open to being traded away in favour of other features, particularly when the market is already in a position to severely punish vendor misbehaviour. Open models are most important when the risks of data lock-in or workflow lock-in are high, and especially critical when there's an established pattern of a vendor taking advantage of a dominant market position to the detriment of their customers.

That's certainly not a universally shared opinion within Red Hat (there's still plenty of "go open or go home" folks, particularly amongst those that work almost entirely on upstream projects), but that kind of contention is a large part of what makes Red Hat work as an effective bridge between the collaborative open source community focused world view, and the software-is-just-a-necessary-evil perspective of many customers.

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