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last posted Jan. 25, 2014, 5:42 p.m.
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Note that we still haven't got a good way to show multiple people's general thoughts on one page but we're working on it.


Because it seems more appropriate for its nature, the general stream is in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top (along with the text area for creating new cards).

The thinking behind this inconsistency between named streams and the general stream is that with a named stream, context and progression is important. You're often refining yours thoughts and adding to them so it makes sense to present the history in the order in which it was thought out. In contrast, the general stream doesn't necessarily have this connection between cards.


Like the old Inbox, posting a card to a named stream removes it from the Inbox. So the new general stream can be used as a staging ground before you're sure it warrants a new named stream.

But it's also perfectly fine just leaving thoughts in your general stream. As mentioned in the opening card, this feature is more like a traditional microblog.


This "general stream" is like your Inbox with the big difference that you can publish cards in it.

We noticed a lot of people were having to create a named stream just for this (with names like "Random Thoughts" or Now you don't have to.


We've now made this big change. There is no-longer an Inbox as such. Instead what used to be Your Streams is now Your Thoughts which contains both the named streams you've created and a general, un-named stream.

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I still think it needs to be easier to jot down thoughts in thoughtstreams.

I think there needs to be a public version of the Inbox; i.e. a single public general stream each user has to get thoughts out there quickly before there's an obvious stream to put them in.

In a way, it would be the traditional microblog.

In fact, maybe I should just make the Inbox cards optionally public.