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last posted March 20, 2015, 12:54 p.m.
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On the homepage, there's no way to start a thought.

Plan is to have a hotkey and button on every page that pops up a modal that puts a thought right into your inbox.


It doesn't make sense to create a stream under /username and create the first thought under /inbox (that's what happens when you visit inbox first and haven't made a stream yet.)

Firstly, you don't have to create a thought in the Inbox first. You can create a stream and immediately start adding thoughts to it.

However, what I suspect you're asking for is the ability when "moving" a card from Inbox to another stream to be able to create a new stream right there as part of the process and this is planned.


An Inbox should be able to receive e-mail at an address!

Yep, this is definitely planned.


"Markdown supported" should he hyperlinked to a popup of markdown syntax.

Agreed and planned.


Cards should be editable, at least for a short period of time after submitting. It really discourages a longer note to not be able to go in and fix typos. Then again, I do like the permanence of a MetaFilter post.

Yeah, I'm still wrestling with editing and permanence. Will definitely support editing if it's never been published and maybe a time-limit on editing once it has been published.

EDIT: editing is now supported.


I can't tell whether a card is published or unpublished.

I presume you mean given it's also dependent on the publishing status of the stream. I'll explore a third visual state a card can be shown in to mean "publishing is just blocked by the stream not being public".

It would be nice if the eye toggle at least had a tooltip indicating current state. I realize I should be able to figure it out based on "It won't be published right away" above this box, but one forgets There is also the confusion of publishing a stream and then publishing a card -- is it a two or three step process to go live with a thought?

Most of the time a stream is already public and you're just adding thoughts. The "three step process" only happens if you're staging up cards for a stream you haven't made public yet.


When writing a new thought in a thoughtstream's view, there is no indication whether it will be public or private after submitting. At the time of this writing it seems to be private.

Yes, no plans to change it from being private but I'll make that clearer in the form.


A "mark all for publication" button would be handy

Agreed and now planned.


Very first thing I looked for were social/collaborative features.

This will be the focus of "phase three" (see this card)


Also feeling like it's quite "clicky" to create a stream, go to it, create a thought, save it, publish it, publish the stream…

Would prefer to save draft vs. publish for my blog and have this site encourage more "thinking out loud".

Sure, would be quite easy for me to put two buttons on the card create form; one that has the current behaviour and one that immediately publishes.


Also the current publish icon doesn't really feel like "publish" to me; maybe I'm just too used to github's "smiley face vs. lock" for publishing idiom though.

At the moment the icons are just what I have available in Bootstrap but at some stage it would be nice to have some custom ones.


Is there a way to host an image, or do I need to upload somewhere myself?

You have to upload them somewhere yourself at the moment but my plan is for the site to host images.


Time zone "picker" interfaces

If we can improve django-user-accounts in this regard it will help many sites including all of Eldarion's :-)

repost from Streams and Cards by flaper87

Another cool thing would be to have a 'preview' button. :)

EDIT I meant to say, edit "tab" just as GHs comments work.


There is a preview button! it's labeled Save as Draft.


On my "Your Thoughts" page, I'm given a lot of space to drop a fresh thought, and my collection of streams is relegated to a thin column on the right side with no way to customize how they are arranged spatially.

This "What's on Your Mind" lets me type a thought that ends up right on my main "Your Thoughts" page. I avoid using it at all costs because there's no way to file thoughts entered here into a different stream later on. The thoughts just sit there. What am I supposed to do with a bunch of random thoughts? The ability to keep separate streams of thoughts is the whole point of the site.

If I'm going to type out a thought on TS, my first instinct is to either start a new stream or put it in an appropriate already-existing stream. I can understand having an "inbox" of thoughts to be sorted later, but I have to be able to actually sort them later.

It also needs to be clear — where, if anywhere, do these thoughts show up besides on my "Your Thoughts" page? Can other people see them?


@joeld wrote above:

there's no way to file thoughts entered here into a different stream later on

Yes there is, we just obviously haven't been clear about it. If you "repost" from Your Thoughts to a stream, it moves it to that stream.

As to where they appear for others, they are under the "General Thoughts" tab on a user's page.


Unread counts on the Public Site: I can't express how disheartening it is to have all of ThoughtStreams become just another giant inbox with red number badgers shooting up into the hundreds and thousands.

Maybe let me subscribe to specific streams or users. Not the whole damn site (at least not by default). There's just no way that scales and probably almost no one wants it anyway.


Re the repost from @joeld above:

Our plan was to eventually switch the unread counts to being based only on what users and streams you favorite, but the rate of new content is still slow enough that we figured (incorrectly, it seems) that doing it for the whole site would be fine.

We can push up making that change in our priorities. Perhaps it will encourage people to favorite more stuff.