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last posted March 21, 2015, 6:12 p.m.

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On my "Your Thoughts" page, I'm given a lot of space to drop a fresh thought, and my collection of streams is relegated to a thin column on the right side with no way to customize how they are arranged spatially.

This "What's on Your Mind" lets me type a thought that ends up right on my main "Your Thoughts" page. I avoid using it at all costs because there's no way to file thoughts entered here into a different stream later on. The thoughts just sit there. What am I supposed to do with a bunch of random thoughts? The ability to keep separate streams of thoughts is the whole point of the site.

If I'm going to type out a thought on TS, my first instinct is to either start a new stream or put it in an appropriate already-existing stream. I can understand having an "inbox" of thoughts to be sorted later, but I have to be able to actually sort them later.

It also needs to be clear — where, if anywhere, do these thoughts show up besides on my "Your Thoughts" page? Can other people see them?

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