Mystic Experience and Conversion

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In a footnote on this passage, Bunyan makes himself even more explicit:

“This by all natural men is deemed the very height of enthusiasm; but a spiritual man knows the blessedness, and rejoices in the comfort of this. It is a close question; what may we understand by it? Doubtless what Paul means when he says ‘It pleased God to reveal his Son in me’, Gal i. 16, that is, he such an internal, spiritual, experimental sight and knowledge of Christ, and salvation by him, that his heart embraced him his [sic] soul cleaved to him, his spirit rejoiced in him; his whole man was swallowed up with the love of him, so that he cried out in the joy of his soul. ‘This is my beloved and my friend — my Saviour, my God, and my salvation. He is the chief of ten thousand and altogether lovely.’ We know nothing of Christ savingly, comfortably, and experimentally, till he is pleased thus to reveal himself to us.” Matt. xi. 27


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