Mystic Experience and Conversion

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Much more recently, singer/thespian Johnny Flynn seems to agree with Bunyan, but for him the implication is different since he has had no such experience. Because God cannot be known by personal experience, Flynn concludes he is not worth knowing.

During an obvious reference to the Eucharist, Flynn says his last regret is ”I never knew a part of you / You didn't set in ink.”

The letters that you left behind
No longer shall I read
Blood’s between the pages
And I can’t stand to see you bleed

I’ll soon forget what was never there
Your words are ash and dust
All that's left is the song I've sung
The breath I've taken and the one I must

If you're born with a love for the wrote and the writ
People of letters your warning stands clear
Pay heed to your heart and not to your wit
Don't say in a letter what you can't in my ear.

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