Ironman Training Log and Associated Ramblings

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last posted March 27, 2017, 2:03 a.m.


Race Day(s): Ragnar Relay Tennessee

Relay Legs (29.16 Miles)

  • 4.88 Miles (09:03 Pace)
  • 5.2 Miles, 1158 ft vertical climb (10:59 Pace)
  • 4.09 Miles (09:37 Pace)
  • 6.14 Miles (09:43 Pace)
  • 5.23 Miles (11:50 Pace)
  • 3.62 Miles (10:24 Pace)

Participated as a member of an Ultra team, competing in the Tennessee Ragnar Relay. We started out at 10am in Chattanooga on the 24th, and ended in Nashville at 4pm on the 25th. Our team took 4th place in the ultra division. (Ultra division is teams consisting of 6 runners vs the traditional 12 runners) My training centered around prep for the 1000 ft climb leg and I'm pretty happy with my results. I have to say that running as part of an ultra team was more a challenge than I expected. I was unable to hold down solid foods after my 4th run. I didn't plan nutrition very well. I had the food, just didn't eat it when I should have. The good news is that I have now officially run a marathon distance in a day. Now I just need to do in all at once, and after a 2.4 miles swim and 112 miles on a bike. Baby steps...

Next milestone is Raleigh 70.3 in June!

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