Industrial Training

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last posted Jan. 30, 2017, 12:28 p.m.
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Industrial Training Can Be A Turning Point In Your Career

Engineering candidates lacking in their technical attainments can brush up their skills with 6 month industrial training and work as a technical trainee on a live project.


Live Project Based Industrial Training Is All You Need

Industrial training is the key to getting job in the top companies and MNC's. The students willing to gain technical knowledge on their respective domain and the live project based training give students chance to learn technology on the industry norms.


Develop your Skills with Industrial Training

The 6 months/weeks industrial training helps students to make the advised decision and enhance your marketability after graduation.


Professional Development with Industrial Training Programs

The six months industrial training software will create a complete makeover of the scholar. Student’s technical potential is sharpened along with 360-degree change of their attitude.