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last posted June 18, 2015, 12:22 p.m.

Presentations and public speaking.

Last time i wrote about the things we can do before the presentation to lower the pressure.

The relationships between the speaker and the audience are alike to the the relationships between a man and a woman, where the speaker is on the man's position. We seduce the audience like we seduce a woman. Most methods are the same) Today i want to tell you about physical aspect of excitement. We are nervous before the public speaking, because we overestimate the consequences. Most likely, we won't be killed or beaten up. There is a strong connection between our pose ( when we stand or sit) and our condition. If you stand - straighten your shoulder and you'll feel calmer. Before the presentation - warm up your face, make a snoot. Your mimic will be much more plastic and natural. Also, You will speak clearly. If you sit (like on negotiations) - put your hands on the table, fold the palms and cross your fingers. It’s a pose of a confident man. Also, you will not feel nervous because your fingers might shake of excitement (adrenaline) - in this position it’s impossible. Your body will send a signal to your brain, that everything is fine and under control - this will make you feel much better and confident.

Just a couple out of dozen tips i use for lowering the pressure of presentations and public speaking.

I advise you to use every chance to practice you can get. Take a word on someone's birthday, party, meetings and so on. Soon you'll learn to enjoy public speaking.

I started my company at the age of 22 (6 years ago), since then i've made dozens of presentations and held many negotiations.

My company works at the engineering field, offering equipment and projects for factories. My opponents and potential customers were people from 40 years and older. And we were 20+ boys )

I offer my help to my fellow SSG members to improve your presentations, negotiations and PS. If you're 20-30 y o , probably i can help you better, because you're closer to my age. Just write me you problem or specific case. For example: "I'm 20 y.o. blonde hair girl and i need to speak to 200 men from IT industry. I'm afraid they may not take me seriously". Best of luck! Next time - "flights and trips"


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