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last posted June 18, 2015, 12:22 p.m.
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Presentations and public speaking.

Last time i wrote about the things we can do before the presentation to lower the pressure.

The relationships between the speaker and the audience are alike to the the relationships between a man and a woman, where the speaker is on the man's position. We seduce the audience like we seduce a woman. Most methods are the same) Today i want to tell you about physical aspect of excitement. We are nervous before the public speaking, because we overestimate the consequences. Most likely, we won't be killed or beaten up. There is a strong connection between our pose ( when we stand or sit) and our condition. If you stand - straighten your shoulder and you'll feel calmer. Before the presentation - warm up your face, make a snoot. Your mimic will be much more plastic and natural. Also, You will speak clearly. If you sit (like on negotiations) - put your hands on the table, fold the palms and cross your fingers. It’s a pose of a confident man. Also, you will not feel nervous because your fingers might shake of excitement (adrenaline) - in this position it’s impossible. Your body will send a signal to your brain, that everything is fine and under control - this will make you feel much better and confident.

Just a couple out of dozen tips i use for lowering the pressure of presentations and public speaking.

I advise you to use every chance to practice you can get. Take a word on someone's birthday, party, meetings and so on. Soon you'll learn to enjoy public speaking.

I started my company at the age of 22 (6 years ago), since then i've made dozens of presentations and held many negotiations.

My company works at the engineering field, offering equipment and projects for factories. My opponents and potential customers were people from 40 years and older. And we were 20+ boys )

I offer my help to my fellow SSG members to improve your presentations, negotiations and PS. If you're 20-30 y o , probably i can help you better, because you're closer to my age. Just write me you problem or specific case. For example: "I'm 20 y.o. blonde hair girl and i need to speak to 200 men from IT industry. I'm afraid they may not take me seriously". Best of luck! Next time - "flights and trips"



I like the models of behavior which can be applied to different processes of life. There're not that many scenarios in our everyday businesses. Today i want to tell you about, for example, public speaking( pitches as many like to call it) and trips. Both take a lot of nerves and energy. How to fell better and not to worry. You're going to be nervous anyway, but you can significantly lower the pressure on yourself. We'll take the situation everyone has already passed through - a first date. Lets remember when we were 18. Boy is going on a date with a girl he really likes. He's nervous like never before. Why? He doesn't know what to expect from her, a lot of things can go wrong (out of money, phone battery is low, restaurant is too expensive, weather, her behavior and expectations may change). She wont be nervous, 'cause she knows she can end this evening at any moment. What he can really do is to reduce the number of uncertainties. He can borrow some extra money (maybe he won't need it, but he'll feel calmer), check if his phone is charged, go to a cafe he knows, take a sweater, ask her friends what she likes. He can come up with plan B - if not cafe, than cinema or some sports event. And so on..Lower the level of unforeseen. This model works in the moment when we have to make presentation of products, pitch to the investors or just speak to the public. Again, what we can do to lower the pressure: if you have your presentation in Dropbox - take a copy on a flashcard and dvd (if wifi goes down you have alternatives), take your own markers, batteries, silence your phone, take extra business cards, do not wear new clothes (we feel the new on us), take a small sponge to clean your shoes the weather is bad, etc. Think what situations you can predict now and prepare - you're gonna be much more confident and everything's gonna be great.And remember, the audience, like the woman, can forgive a mistake, but will not forgive insincerity.

In the next part i'll tell you, what we're building to take the pressure of not knowing while you're on a trip.

Evgeny Popravko

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