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last posted Oct. 26, 2019, 4:03 p.m.

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This morning it was clearer than ever to me how the descending energy, the force that presses down on the top of my head like clockwork at the beginning of a new day—how this energy already carries within it an associated feeling for each part of the body. It is only a question of whether each part is willing to feel it. If each part was willing, then the incarnation would be instantaneous. If it were not for any resistance, time would be unnecessary. I believe this is a microcosm of the principle I've heard Thomas Hübl express before: the less essential I am, the more I need time to resolve the energy.

In any case, I intuit that my resistance is the only thing preventing me from instantaneously embodying the feeling that is implied/suggested/directed/requested by the descending force. The 30-minute-or-so process I engage in before getting out of bed is useful only because I am not yet fully willing. I get a measure of progress, of embodiment, resolution, and peace, thanks to the time I allow myself to spend trying to transcend least a little bit.

The practical effect is that, by embodying the energy as fully as I can, even if it's only partial, I get up feeling more rested and energized, less taxed by the carryover from the previous day's meals and experiences. Both are more fully digested, as the sounds of my stomach during this time also suggest.

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