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Супер ; I'll have to check out Geekfish's recommendation of « Операция "Ы" » sometime (if only to find out: why Ы?) Гайдай appears to have had a formidable influence on contemporary russian culture: I recognized Никулин in that poster from his role in « Бриллиантовая рука », another Гайдай film which I'd only tracked down after seeing no less than three different recent homages to a particular scene.

As for Шурик и Лида, they also have memorials in the 7th art as well as in sculpture; it didn't take much effort to find a recent remix:

Свадьба в стиле "Приключения Шурика"

cf a portion of the 1965 scene (старый Шурик ?) :

(might the replacement of the боксёр by a гопник be a tip of the hat to « Собачье сердце »?)

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