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Операция "Ы"

This 3 part movie is one of the most classic comedies of the soviet era.

It was really nice for a beginner like me, as it has very little and simple dialog and very simple story.

Even though it's pretty light in terms of meanings and is primarily slapstick-humour based, it still introduced me to a few new cultural things. Many lines from the movie have turned into long-used expressions, still alive in modern Russian culture (ex Ну, граждане алкоголики, хулиганы, тунеядцы… Кто хочет сегодня поработать?).

Overall a very entertaining film, with small bits of un-PC gags that were still pretty common in the 60s (championed by a blackface "wild indigenous african" chase scene in part 1). More offensive things I learned: the кукиш gesture, which is apparently used in some parts of Greece too (though I never really encountered it!).

There are now at least 4 monuments of Шурик и Лида as a tribute to the second part of the movie,Наваждение, the latest one only just unveiled in 2015.

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