о русской музыки и кино 8

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last posted June 5, 2017, 11:31 a.m.
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The Moskva may not have a delta at the Oka, but the russian alphabet does have a «дэ» ... I wonder what was the inspiration for this rather slidey, bluesy tune?


Oleg Gazmanov's video adventure ends much more smoothly than did Herr Rust's: historical adventure but I guess that's an advantage daydreams have over IRL.


Я думаю, это Дюма. Ура!

A young Mikhail Boyarski played in the 1970's live action interpetation:

and to this day it seems he's never completely given up the costume:


Double Max's interpretation of "Kalinka" is much closer to my zik than the last crossover attempt we saw.


is Marina Devyatova's interpretation of "Wind of Change".

For hundreds of years, all the winds have returned / In circles / Tomorrow the wind will change

With a little digging it's easy to discover it's from a 1983 made-for-TV Mary Poppins:

While the title of the song would be echoed by a famous-in-the-east Kino tune, "Change" (ca. 1987):

It was quoted nearly directly for a famous-in-the-west Scorpions tune, in 1991.