о русской музыки и кино 7

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last posted May 2, 2017, 8:12 a.m.
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In which Nazis (whose black & white world was a tragedy) find themselves inexplicably vividly colorized (this time in a rainbow palette, as farce).

Cf the "All You Need is Love" scene from "Yellow Submarine" (which was available on YT a decade ago, but I guess the blue meanies have bubbled it in the interim)

Yes, let us mix, Max. I've never admitted it before, but my cousin is the blue bird of happiness!


To see the future as it once was supposed to have been, advance the filmstrip (click through the image above, then use the right-pointing arrow under the image on the filmstrip page) at the sound of the tone.

or, if you prefer to take advantage of the automated world of our 2017, simply watch:


Russian retro quotation isn't limited to soviet film; the Revva video above, like Celentano, is a clearly an homage to Il Bisbetico Domato

Zara kicks up the quotation level a notch, though; not only does she skate to "Umbrellas...":

but she even sings an interprétation bilingue:

NB: although Mme Deneuve may be in the audience for the last tube, Sig.ra Muti takes a reprise in the first.


Скейтбордисты remix

featuring video of Odessan comrades on decks remixed to the mid-80's sounds of Victor Tsoi's Kino.


skater 9chka

from comrades in leg warmers to comrades on decks? (1986 above, 1984 [including ollying comrades] below)

and, yeah, so far it looks like the early 80's were pretty much sk8er boi's, but (as with anything else soviet?) we also find the skater grrls of this card's title: (that last competition was in Saratov, which, judging by some bibliographies I've read, was known not only for its skaters, but also for its computer geeks)