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last posted Dec. 10, 2015, 5:18 a.m.

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Interesting that Martin Brochhaus sees the general stream view as being an approximation of twitter. I felt that way until we added the firehose view which, to me, now feels like a closer approximation to twitter as it reflects an aggregation of all cards posted to all streams whereas the general view just aggregates what people post in their general stream.

While general was really just intended as a holding pattern for thoughts you wanted to capture, but didn't necessarily want to stream about when they came to you, it's very easy to see how it could be used primarily for status type update messages similar to twitter. It certainly seems to be how a lot of people are using it.

One of the cool things about TS is that you can scope the top level views based on the streams and users that you favorite (note the "All/Favorites" links to the right in the image below)

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