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last posted Nov. 14, 2013, 5:51 p.m.

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Syndication and Import

Pull in my tweets into a custom stream (I can then annotate or expand upon) or auto-publish thoughts directly from thoughtstreams.io onto Twitter. Provide a nice link shortener. Truncate content when it won't fit in 140.

This will drive Twitter traffic onto your domain, and people may begin to see some utility.

Allow easy "re-tweeting" from the ThoughtStreams.io domain back to twitter for users who are not logged in.

You use case here is something like: Non-registered user sees tweet with ts.io short link, clicks through, sees more interesting content. Your priorities could be;

  1. Get this user to promote ThoughtStreams content to their audience.
  2. Capture them as an active user (make registration easy!)
  3. Get them to create content on TS.

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