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last posted Feb. 22, 2016, 10:25 p.m.

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I wasted the whole evening looking through the pitches for Amnesia Fortnight. The selection is pretty amazing.

I'm indifferent about Pendleton Ward's ideas but choosing between the Double Fine contributions was hard. I liked White Birch last time and loved the sound of Ether. I also immediately thought that Steed was a very DoubleFine game (the horse is the hero).

The last choice was really hard though. Levi Ryken's game about gnomes defending their home against the undead sounded dementedly brilliant (and Black Lake was the best of AF 2012 in my view). But Oliver Franzke's Derelict also seemed amazing, particularly with the addition of Occulus Rift support.

Lots of the pitches sounded amazing though and I am looking forward to the documentaries again.

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