My week with Micro:Bit

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last posted Jan. 18, 2016, 11:01 p.m.

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Meet Marja

I just received a new Micro:Bit to replace Mei-Xiu.

As she has beautiful blue colouring like a blueberry, I decided to name her Marja which means a berry in Finnish. I'll do my best not to break this one!

Before starting anything more exciting, I decided to try out the new python editor / repl client Mu.

As per the readme I downloaded the latest build for Linux - the file was called mu-2016-01-13_15_15_57. This is how to run the program:

chmod +x mu-2016-01-13_15_15_57
sudo ./mu-2016-01-13_15_15_57

If I didn't use sudo I was still able to run the program, but the REPL part and most of the buttons (like quit) would not work.

I like Mu as you can flash the device directly without the need to manually drag the files or use a script like upyflashed to automate that part. I also like having the option of saving files as .py so that the code is readable after - the hex files aren't great to look at.

I don't like the excessive confirmations that pop out every time you do something, but as this is a new program it is bound to get better. Definitely a great start!

Tomorrow I can hopefully get Marja to do some more interesting stuff.

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