On the Bible

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last posted Nov. 3, 2014, 1:29 a.m.

Just this morning during our church service, the pastor mentioned something as he was closing. It wasn't part of his sermon or even his main point but it really resonated with me.

He said, sometimes we get to the point, as Christians, where we don't want to read the Bible, we don't want to pursue God, though we know that we should and that we should want it.

He then said, we should simply tell God of this and ask for his help to spur this desire back to life. We should will it. This is different than just going through the motions with the Christian walk, at least that was my interpretation of what he was trying to say. He mentioned "wanting to want".

This is where I'm at (and often fall into between periods of being really passionate in my pursuit of God).

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