The Balance of Power

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last posted Dec. 8, 2015, 3 a.m.

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But we don't live in that world (yet, anyway). Red Hat's a billion dollar company, and we have plenty of people that aren't willing to pay reasonable subscription fees to ensure tools we depend on continue to exist into the future.

And just as I decry laments about AGPL software as "friendly fire", I'm coming around to the point of view that I consider giving back to the community through means other than open collaboration on core applications to be a reasonable approach.

I'll continue to hope to one day be able to welcome the likes of GitHub, Atlassian, Jive or Continuum Analytics to the club of true open source vendors. I'd certainly like it if the first three considered open sourcing versions of their core applications from 6-12 months ago to help constrain the actions of their successors in interest (whoever they may be).

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