The Balance of Power

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last posted Dec. 8, 2015, 3 a.m.

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This article considers the problem of "free loaders" for an open source project: those that just download and use the software, and never contribute even a bug report or feature request, let alone helping other users, offering patches or (gasp) becoming a paying customer of the associated product vendor.

The success of Red Hat Enterprise Linux has given Red Hat the luxury of taking more risks than smaller companies with our approach to open source. OpenShift Online ran in beta for two years before we flipped the switch on offering a paid tier (without making any changes to the free tier).

Even today, the "roll your own!" community offering (OpenShift Origin) is given equal prominence on the home page with the two commercial offerings (Red Hat/AWS hosted and self-hosted).

Once the service actually goes live, it will be interesting to see if Pivotal One (aka VMWare/EMC) are as up front with their users about the availability of CloudFoundry as Red Hat is about OpenShift Origin.

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