First Impressions of ThoughStreams

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last posted June 16, 2015, 11:11 p.m.

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On the Landing page: Latest Streams, this is pretty obvious. New Streams, sounds pretty obvious, too. But why are they displayed differently than the streams on the Latest Streams section? General thoughts, I guess this is where I posted my very first thought, when I was confused that it didn't show up in the stream I created. Do we actually need a general thoughts section? maybe it would be easier to understand for new users if it was reduced to just thought streams, and create a "General Thoughts" ThoughStream by default for every user, which is already published.

Firehose. I had no clue what this section is. Now that I clicked on it, it seems to be the latest thoughts from all users, from all streams. I might be wrong. But I don't neccesarily see the use of it. Will probably not be using this section.

Going on... What are Combined Streams? Is this a group of people sharing a stream, like i first expected how TS would work? If so, how would I create one? Do I need to invite or befriend other Users? I don't know yet.

Latest Users. Do I really need that information? I don't think I need to know when a person I don't know signs up, how many posts he has, and defintiely not the exact time and date of his last post. Some of this info, at least, could maybe be hidden in a mouseover window?

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