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last posted Oct. 21, 2014, 3:48 p.m.

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Discussing things "in the open" is important. But it does not necessarily engender trust in a community, especially in the absence of cognizant moderation.

Unfortunately, open discussions can sometimes lead to a culture of distrust. This happens when individuals in power publicly humiliate, intimidate, or even bully others in the community. Often this happens unconsciously or as a result of a poor choice of words. Regardless of whether the intent is actual or perceived, the damage to the community is the same, and must be quickly dealt with before it festers into a culture of enmity.

As a community grows, so does the likelihood of miscommunication and the abuse of public forums. Therefore, it is only prudent to put in place mechanisms for moderating open discussions, such that they remain positive and constructive.

Community members must hold themselves and others accountable to a high standard of conduct.

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