Oculus Rift

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last posted Aug. 12, 2014, 4:18 a.m.

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When I ordered the dev kit, I really thought it would be a kit in the sense that you'd have to do some work to put it together. Nope, this is final-product grade in my opinion, even down the packaging. Sure, the control box has a cheap plastic feel, but it's no different than most electronics.

The kit had everything I needed: HDMI and USB cables, etc so I could plug it straight in and it just worked.

Even without any software, it just acts as an external 1280x800 monitor so I could see my OS X desktop. With the lenses in place, it's completely distorted but if you remove those lenses, you can see it's just a display panel resembling a Nexus 7.

The lenses are interchangeable because they come in various depths for people who wear glasses. It was impossible to put the Rift on with the default lenses. Even with the flattest lenses, they practically touch my glasses.

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