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At the very start of 1995, I had launched the Hellenistic Greek Linguistics site. Here's the announcement to the LINGUIST LISTSERV (January 2nd, 1995):

ANNOUNCING: Hellenistic Greek Linguistics on the Internet [with apologies for any multiple postings]

I am pleased to announce new resources designed to bring together scholars interested in the study of Hellenistic (including New Testament) Greek Linguistics.

These resources include World Wide Web pages (accessible with such programs as Lynx, Mosaic and Netscape) as well as a mailing list. As well as general discussion, the list (which is archived on the Web pages) provides a forum for discussing the new reference grammar planned as a complete revision of Blass, Debrunner and Funk's standard work.

The Web pages include bibliographies and a (newly started) electronic archive of papers.

To browse the Web pages, go to the URL:

To subscribe to the mailing list, send a request to:

and to send a message to the entire list, write to:

Please feel free to make enquires to

James K. Tauber ( 4th year Honours Student, Centre for Linguistics University of Western Australia, WA 6009, AUSTRALIA

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