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I mention above that a few years ago I labeled the broad areas of interest to me as:

  • technologist
  • entrepreneur
  • scholar
  • artist

and further split scholar into:

  • linguistics
  • ancient greek
  • mathematics
  • music theory

Looking at what I said my interests were on my website back in 2002, you can see them all there.

In mid-2002, I was listing my specific linguistic interests as Formal Syntactic Theory, Dependency Grammar, Computational Linguistics; my specific mathematical interests as Differential Geometry, General Relativity; as well as music theory I had Composition and, less scholarly, A Capella Singing, Piano, Bass Guitar, Sound Engineering / Mixing; I had New Testament Greek under a Christianity category (along with New Testament Manuscripts, Neo-Orthodoxy, First-Century Church, New Testament Theology); I had Filmmaking and specifically Production Management, Cinematography, Editing.

Under a broad Computing category I had Web (XML, RDF, Web Services, Semantic Web), Modeling (OOA/OOD, Conceptual Information Modeling), Software Development (Extreme Programming, Open Source Software), and Languages (Python, Java, C#).

I also had a Philosophy of Science, Science and Mathematics Education and Genealogy and Go.

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