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last posted Jan. 13, 2022, 4:26 p.m.

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My view “from the ground”:

  • Suddenly (within the last week) I am hearing of exposures from multiple people I know. Our neighbors are quarantining after a teacher at their son's daycare was exposed. Someone at work is quarantining after her boyfriend was exposed and he began showing symptoms.
  • It is now a lot easier to get tested than it was in the spring. In MN you can order an at-home saliva test that either insurance or the state will pay for.
  • Feels like our already-small world got a lot smaller since the weather got colder, the case numbers shot up again, and we increased our isolation from the few people with whom we’d been getting together.
  • With the vaccines in sight, we’re hopeful that we can get through this thing but it’s really going to suck for a while longer.

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