When I'm President Of The World

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last posted Aug. 3, 2014, 6:08 a.m.

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No more arbitrary licensing on copyright. Given that it's a state-granted monopoly, you can live with state-granted pricing.

Here's how damages work: if you make a copyrighted work, and someone else sells media (where "media" could be paper, could be a service where you can download things, could be CDs; anything where you transfer information via some mechanism for a fee), you are then entitled to a percentage of their gross revenue. Not their net profit: they can't just pay themselves all the gains as "costs" like salary and then pretend that the information is worthless. But you get a fixed percentage of that net.

And if the marginal cost of reproduction is zero, and nobody is running a business to copy your content, people are just doing it for free as gifts to each other, then TOUGH. Get another job.