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last posted March 17, 2015, 12:29 a.m.
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Apple Store

Went in to buy a case the day after my phone arrived. I think it was the first time the store employee had done an Apple Pay transaction with a real customer.



McDonalds has had an NFC reader on their credit card terminals for a while now. There wasn't any Apple Pay branding on it, I just asked and they seemed knowledgable that it would work and it did.


New York Cab

Used it three times over the weekend while in NYC for the marathon (watching, not running). All but one cab I rode in had an NFC reader. Like McDonalds, there was no Apple Pay branding. I didn't even ask the driver if it would work, I just tried it and it did.



This was my first experience using Apple Pay NFC.

Hannah and I were ready to checkout and I pulled out my phone for payment. The store employee asked me, "Are you going to pay with your phone?" She sounded like this has not happened yet at her store. I said, "Yes."

She asked if my credit card was in my phone. I said it wasn't stored on the phone, but that a unique token for this transaction was used. She was so impressed.

The experience of using Apple Pay itself was not nearly entertaining as the excitement shared with the store employee.



It took me two times to get a successful transaction. The first time it said Done on the phone, but no beep from the terminal. The store employee looked puzzled at first then said it didn't work. I tried again and I heard the beep. All was good.

It still feels a little awkward using my iPhone 6 to pay. I think this is just due to the infancy this technology has on me.


Store at DFW Airport

Saw a Visa PayWave reader (no Apple Pay branding) and thought I'd try it. The cashier was amazed.



This time there was actually an Apple Pay sticker but it was not obviously where to place my phone. Even worse, I still had to pick my account type and enter my PIN. Kinda defeats the benefit of Apple Pay.