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Minor edits by Charles Jo 5/12/15

Hello SSG Members,

JD and Nathan are accepting more startups for pitch practices Thursdays 9am PDT. Please email subject: SSG Pitch Session - 14 May 2015 (Also accepting reservations for 21 May 2015)

Thanks again JD and Nathan for driving this. I am hearing from SSG members that this is a huge value add for the community.

Charles Jo @charlesjo (Twitter, SSG Slack, HeyNow) 650.906.2600

P.S. Support fellow SSG startups at SSG Dog Food project


Hi All,

Please note we'll be running this via Google Hangouts on Air.

This is the public URL for viewing the stream:

For all those pitching please connect with JD to get the speaker URL. (max 10 participants at a time)

Last round we went over capacity, so we're trying things a bit differently. Please bare with us and provide feedback so we can learn and improve for the next round.

Don't forget to connect with SSG on your favourite network:

Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

Curated list of community members: (to get added to the list just submit your twitter handle in:

Greetings Nathan __ Mobile: +27 82 454 1019 | Web: Blog • Twitter • LinkedIn • Instagram • Rdio

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