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Lattice organization

Principles: Fairness, Freedom, Commitments, Waterline

Everyone will:

  • Sincerely try to be fair with each other, suppliers, our customers, and all persons with whom we carry out transactions.
  • Allow, help and encourage associates to grow in knowledge, skill, scope of responsibility and range of activities. (Freedom)
  • Make his or her own commitments—and keep them.
  • Consult with other associates before taking actions that might be “below the waterline” and cause serious damage to the enterprise. (Boat analogy: shooting the boat below the waterline—damaging the reputation or financial health of the business—could result in sinking it.)


  • All employees are "associates".
  • Every associate has a sponsor who guides him/her in growing in contribution.
  • Leadership evolves based on knowledge, skill, experience or capability in the particular activity in which a team is involved.
  • Leaders are associates who have developed followers.
  • Each person in the lattice interacts directly with every other person.
  • Teams or groups formulate their own plans of action rather than having them dictated to them.
  • Each associate self-commits to projects or responsibilities.


  • focus on business objectives
  • coordinate activities
  • align teams to meet goals
  • many different types with different areas of focus

Leaders offer associates:

  • Assistance in problem solving
  • Acknowledgement of team accomplishments
  • Encouragement
  • Definition of problems
  • Help in strategy formulation
  • Explanation of business practices
  • “Big picture” viewpoint
  • Role model behavior


  • Engage in a one-on-one relationship
  • Focus on the development and growth of the associate

Sponsors offer associates:

  • Encouragement
  • Guidance on principles and practices
  • Feedback on performance
  • Help in securing resources
  • Advocacy for the associate in compensation discussions
  • Guidance in personal development planning
  • Role model behavior

Sponsoring vs. Leading:

  • Sponsoring is a one-on-one relationship. The focus is on the individual, helping them grow in their contribution.
  • Leading is with a group or team. The focus is on the business opportunity, helping the individuals align with team and business goals.
  • Sponsors and leaders are not necessarily two different people.