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last posted Feb. 21, 2014, 6:53 p.m.

Watching Haskell Talks: Alain Odea by FP Complete.

"I didn't actually know there were real problems with Java... I felt that Java - coming into learning Haskell - I felt that Java was a really strong language... but as soon as I started learning Haskell, I felt like there were barriers everywhere.... lots of extra code that you have to write. It's hard to do certain kinds of abstractions in terms of functional decomposition and refactoring... It's just easier to write code, and it's easier to write good code."

"You have to write so fewer tests."

"The challenge I had with Erlang was having confidence that it was still working."

"The big challenge for me in going from more liberal languages is that ... Haskell requires you to write true functional programs. You can't just write to the disk, read from the network. You have to actually organize that... Haskell requires you to think differently."

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