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last posted Oct. 26, 2019, 4:03 p.m.

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Embodying the physical feels like taming a wild lion, or putting my hand on its forehead and taking all of its energy into myself. Or like the moment when a ghost is sucked into the trap in Ghostbusters—fast-moving energy instantly consolidated and made still.

The keys are:

  • concentration: keeping my crown connected to the head of the stream, rather than floating up and down on its waves; and
  • relaxation: allowing the new, foreign, intense sensations to continue and deepen, not pushing them away or contracting to protect myself.

It's like continuously climbing up and flopping over the edge of a life raft. There needs to be attunement and focus to get myself up to the top of the slippery ledge, but once I'm there I need to relax and fall into the bottom of the boat. And this happens constantly, such that the two movements become one.

Another image would be climbing up onto a surf board. What had felt like waves flowing over me now feels like a constant, steady ground beneath me.

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