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last posted May 25, 2024, 5:10 p.m.

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With deep gratitude I can report that the descending embodiment continued last night. This time I was careful to respect the protective intention, which I experiment predominantly as a pooling of energy in my head which helps limit the downward flow. This time I welcomed it and held the protecting body rather than trying to power around it or through it.

Characteristics, in case any of these can serve as entry points to this elusive connection in the future:

  • breathing
  • smiling
  • open mouth
  • open eyes
  • relaxing into my base
  • energy transmitted, as if teleported (the intervening areas are still dark) straight from the top to the bottom, via:
  • a direct connection between my crown and my tailbone
  • energy disseminating downward from there into my legs

The sequence seems like it might be like that of filling up a cup with liquid. First the bottom is filled. Then the rest?

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