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The question of Communal Life Versus is whether there are any alternatives to the traditional church community.

I can answer in the affirmative, in that I live someplace (which I've also seen compared favorably with Richard Scarry's Busytown) where the churches are still ticking along, but most people prefer to spend their time in social and sports clubs (NB: not activities, but actual clubs) and among their extended family. Compared with my anglophone upbringing, I enjoy that it is common to know people through more than one connection, of which the minority tend to be economic.

Elsewhere online, I've referred to this (apparently Tocquevillian?) society of overlapping and interlinked circles as being a "felt"; like a fabric which is composed of threads which, despite retaining much more of their individual character and disposition than in a woven fabric, are nevertheless sufficiently intertwined that the whole has its own form and identity.

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