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What must it've felt like, when the soviets decided there must be more to life than having nukes and mud wrestling with fanatics in the middle east? Best illustration I've yet found is this medley: 2012 Cупердискотека 90-х

Not that the transition was easy; here's a video from a hit song about getting hit on by a guy who can't offer any more than "two slices of sausage": два кусочека колбаски (1992)

but two decades later, (at least judging by production values of this cover, and that the audience can laugh about their younger selves) it looks like everyone is much better off: два кусочека колбаски (2013)

(incidentally, the group into which the first medley segues, with the chorus including the english line "peace and love, rock and roll", Дискотека Авариа, also demonstrates, in going from the low-tech late XX to the new "blue light" in the early XXI, clear progress)

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