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on the lighter side, Sting's "Russians" was apparently composed after having pirated a SECAM signal. I was reminded of that story when running across Группа «Фабрика» on «Улица Сезам» but what I really appreciated is that while there is no shortage of Lolita references in more recent russian work, such as: Вирус Попрошу тебя (judging from the age of these computers and the VCR effect, russian smileys had already lost their eyes and noses by the 90's)

one can even find the reversed trope: Фактор 2 Красавица

(a/ note the Руки вверх cameo; b/ what may appear to be fan service at the end is actually motivated by the final plot point)

come to think of it, the СУПЕРДИСКОТЕКА 90-Х shows often contain "do you remember" segments, and Эммануэль tapes often show up in them. Did Sting's friend build that SECAM decoder with the original intention of watching TV from .su, or from .fr?

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