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The other night my wife and I were at the barn watching my daughter ride her horse Belle in the indoor ring. Once she was done, we closed all the gates and took the bridal and saddle off Belle and played with her like she was a puppy. We were having an absolute blast. At one point I looked up at the viewing room that overlooks the ring. There were three or four people who had just been riding in the ring looking down at us like we were from another planet; as if they couldn't imagine why we would be running like fools with this 1200 pound animal, letting her chase us and just having a fun time with her.

Belle loves that time with us. It's an opportunity to bond, and have fun with her. Most people just see a horse as something you tack up, ride and put back in the stall when you're done. They can be so much more if you give them the chance.

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