On being "gifted"

I have a problem with this notion of someone being labeled as having a "gift" just because they're good at something. Whenever I hear this, I get this picture of clouds openening up and a beam of light shining down on the womb of a young mother, infusing her fetus with magical powers.

I think that some people are born with better tools than others.; a better singing voice, a more inquisitive mind, a mind that excels at math, etc.

I feel like people who end up being exceptional at something are simply fortunate enough to have discovered their passion early and had the benefit of getting the support that was needed to indulge in whatever they're passionate about. To a certain extent these things are gifts, but I don't think that's what's implied when people toss the term around.

I also don't think that labeling someone as gifted pays any attention to the amount of work that it takes to really stand out as being exceptional at something. It's the whole "it took ten years to become an overnight success" discussion.

True, there are people who achieve success and a level of excellence sooner than others, but I would argue that ultimately, their excellence is still more about passion, hard work and perserverance than simply being "gifted".