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On Being a Red Sox fan.

A post I made on facebook this morning reflecting on my status as a Red Sox fan in light of the World Series win....

I tend to do very little direct posting on facebook, but after the win last night I re-visited an interesting article this morning reflecting on last year's season which evoked thoughts that would take more than 140 characters to express. The essence of the article resonated with me last year when I came upon it. Reading it again this morning prompted that same examination of my status as a fan but in a decidedly different light. The essence of the article to me was essentially that a sports team is sort of like one of your kids; you may not always agree with the moves that they make, or you may not like how they may perform all the time, but you find a way to love and support them no matter what, sunshine or rain. win or lose. In short, loyalty matters. I've always thought of the Sox as "my team" but the attention they have garnered from me has admittedly waxed and waned over the years. While there were times in my life when I was, I cannot not profess to being a rabid "never miss a game" category fan these days. I do love taking the family to Fenway, I enjoy catching a good game on TV on a lazy Sunday, and have enjoyed hearing about how they turned things completely around from last year. Nothing is sweeter than a one season turnaround story ending in a championship; especially in the aftermath of the marathon tragedy last April. As a lifelong fan, seeing them not only break the curse in the last ten years but also win a series at home, in some sense seems as surreal and improbable as seeing the Old Man slide off the cliff into Franconia Notch in my lifetime. As this article points out more eloquently than I ever could, regardless of the odds and what seemed stacked against them at the end of last season, a fan finds a way to stay invested in their team. A fan believes. A fan never gives up... Just as they all learned something from last season about being a team, so should we have all learned or been reminded of something about being fans. To that loveable band of bearded bums all I can say is thanks for an amazing end to a miraculous season! http://ti.me/QUmCLT

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